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Same City, Different Maps

Glasgow University and the Glasgow School of Art are launching an anthology of creative writing, Tip Tap Flat. The working title for the anthology was “Same City, Different Maps”, and the theme is the city of Glasgow.  I am lucky enough to have … Continue reading


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Mourning in Arduaine – published in New Writing Scotland 29

A cool mercury light, Water pulling sky to sea, That soft grey sympathy Of water and stone. Shuna, small and jagged, Echoed, with variations, By Luing. Seil a faint fond shadow Embracing them both. Each made of the same stone … Continue reading

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A teacup talks to the child whose nose just clears the table, its pink and blue flowers eloquent in their simplicity, the rim and handle gilt worn in the places his grandmother’s lips and fingers have touched it; it speaks … Continue reading

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Working out of the net

I take the lift to the top of the Mack out of the tightening web of people and breathe the quiet dark, as by a country fireside, with the city nestled like a bed of embers among the hills. I see … Continue reading

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Mountain Song – published in Aesthetica, Issue 13

We did not climb the mountain. While the sun shone I wanted you to see What was important to me: A riot of blue stars in spiked grass The frowning sand, fat gold rolls of it The water that showed … Continue reading

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Trip Switch/Dark Man – published in Ape Magazine.

This is a dark man, spark man Angry like storms can. Flicker his eyes size you up and look for a crack in you. Irritable, nitty gritty, treading on eggshells – Crack and get slapped, smack! Open your mouth and … Continue reading

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Poem for the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

NAGASAKI 1945 (After an eyewitness account by Dr Tatsuichiro Akizuki) At 10.30 the siren sounded, at 11 o’clock the all-clear. Sticking a needle into a patient, I heard a drone as the plane, lost in the cloud, dropped her baby.   … Continue reading

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