Jim’s Guitar Fund


We did it!!!! Thanks to all who gave a gift, my lovely brother Jim is so lucky in his friends and family. He is going out to buy his guitar and has promised to post a photo of it on facebook. Happy Birthday Jim! xxx

If you didn’t get a chance to donate, you still can

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In Jim’s own words:

Jim's missing guitar

“My guitar, it has gone far!
Maybe it’s gone to Zanzibar?
It didn’t even say “Ta-ta”,
Or, in Norwegian – “Ha det bra”

“In Norway, was this photo shot
The last known image that I’ve got
Of this thing, which I forgot
Where last I put it…dot, dot, dot!

“Even though it has my name,
Taped upon its wooden frame,
It wanders wild. It is not tame,
Some day soon, I’ll do the same!

“Farewell to you, dear wood and glue,
With strings and things for tuning too,

Maybe one day we will renew,
Our music partnership so true!

“Meanwhile, I’ll buy a guitar NEW!

“If I could find some money too!”


3 Responses to Jim’s Guitar Fund

  1. In the company of gentlemen, Jim McAteer stands out as a genteel man.
    Privileged to be his acquaintance.

  2. Jim ( acapella man) says:

    I have recently got to know Jim through Sleazy’s and we have started to sing togeather along with 12 string. He is great fun to be with and a lovely open gentleman. Glad to have met him and look forward to many more musical adventures.
    Remember life begins at 40, honest.
    Jim (nae strings).

  3. Sveinn Jah says:

    Jim played our community garden once, we loved it! A great musician and generous man. I look forward to hearing him play on his new guitar! -Svenja

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